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If you are in need of ADHD treatment in Lexington, MA, we have an extensive array of services to meet your needs quickly and efficiently. Not only do we provide you with a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation to help determine whether you have ADHD or not, but we also work to help treat your condition afterwards. Since the Lexington ADHD Treatment Center also offers ADHD coaching services that instructs ADHD individuals on how to be more effective and productive at both work and home, you will feel invigorated and transformed after every visit.

Even though we have doctors that diagnose ADHD, we do much more than just diagnose your condition. We always take things to the next level and ensure you are not left without the answers you desire. Once you have had the opportunity to experience our services, you will learn how to take control of everyday situations that can be challenging and overwhelming. If you are struggling with ADHD in Massachusetts, don’t try to fight the challenges on your own. Schedule your appointment today, so that way you can begin the process of healing and hope with our treatment center. Give us a call so we can schedule your appointment with one of our psychiatrists today by calling Dr. Speller at 781 862 7222. We treat adolescents (12 to 18) and adults (19 to 45). Our practice is a self-pay practice. We currently do not accept insurance for services including managed care plans, PPO plans and indemnity plans.